Thorndike and McCave

Southend Airport

Bob Thorndike and Will McCave at the Southend-on-sea Flying School
Dave Thorndike
Bob Thorndike's Royal Aero Club Aviators' Certificate

This picture has been given to us by Dave Thorndike. It shows his uncle, Bob Thorndike who was a pilot, in the middle and Will McCave, brother of Fred McCave, on the right at the Southend Flying School. This was taken about 1950.

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  • Thanks so much for posting this. Will was my dad and I’d never seen this photo before!! He had a fear of flying – I wonder if he went up in the plane!

    By Lesley (04/07/2011)
  • I will ask Dave Thorndike next time I see him if he knows Lesley

    By Janet Penn (04/07/2011)
  • Lesley I am being told that your dad did go flying at that time. I wonder what happened?

    By Janet Penn (07/08/2011)
  • Sorry for extremely delayed response!! Well, he did fly when we used to go on holiday but he definitely didn’t like it! I can’t imagine him going up in something so small!!

    By Lesley (03/08/2012)

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