Three great Beach pictures

Including the paddling pool

Beach Huts and paddling pool 1925
On the beach near the Pavilion
Another great beach picture with a very good view of the pool 1935

Thanks to John Davis for sending me these great pictures.

Can anyone guess at the date. Pre 1953 as old grass seawall and just dig those cossies.

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  • When I was at Long Road Primary, (up to 1960) they taught us to count beyond two! (great pictures, hope there is a number three)

    By Tony Maguire (20/09/2010)
  • There was three there last night when I saved it Tony. Just uploaded it again. The gremlins must be at work!

    By Janet Penn (20/09/2010)
  • Worth waiting for Janet, thank you.

    By Tony Maguire (20/09/2010)
  • I was told by Mum that my late Dad, Harry Hollingbery, used to play mud football on Canvey Island in the 1930’s. Looking at the crowd standing watching they seemed to have quite a following.

    By Shirley Thomas (12/03/2011)

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