Boat Trips in the 50's

The Summer Rose

‘Smoothing cruising weather’

A few days ago at an ‘old pals’ get together my mate Ken Harding offered these photos to be recorded on the archive. They were given to him by Avril Fitzpatrick whose father was owner and skipper of the ‘Summer Rose’. Ken’s grandfather, Robert Harding was a crewman. The ‘Summer Rose’ was the most prominent amongst a few pleasure boats that took holiday makers and Canvey folk on trips from Shell beach up to Holehaven and around the Chapman Lighthouse in the 1950’s.

‘Top of the tide’. Embarkation from Shell Beach jetty.

Background; Concord Cafe,l to r; ? Mr Fitzpatrick, Robert Harding.

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  • I remember going out on the Summer Rose with Mr Fitzpatrick and Marianne to take provisions for the keepers. Say hi to Avril for me if you are in touch with her, Graham.

    By Wamburg (12/11/2009)
  • Hi I have been given some photos of my dad Ronald Stanley Spink also known as Roy at the time sailing on the summer rose at the wheel . I have no idea what year can anyone help me thank you . 

    By Alan spink (22/03/2015)
  • Alan I am really interested in talking to you about your dad Ronald also known as Roy.  Not sure how we can communicate regarding this please advise

    By Mary Stone (19/01/2017)
  • Please can someone advise me how to get hold of Alan Spink or someone who knows more re the summer rose boat rides, I have some information.

    By mary stone (20/06/2017)

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