Canvey Island Seaside

Amusements and snacks

A couple of pictures sent to me of Canvey Seafront. Does anyone recognise the places and can tell us about them?

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  • The first picture looks like Andrews Amusements that used to be on the corner of May Avenue and the seafront. On the other corner is the frontage of the Pavilion Cafe (known as Reggie’s in late 1950s) The other photo looks like the building next to Billy Wells’ horses at the far end of the Casino.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (26/08/2010)
  • The first picture is definitely Andrews Amusements as Maureen says, it used to be where Mayflower Court now stands, across the road from The Windjammer and the second photo is The Peerless Palladium where the arcade and Moviestarr now stand. Lovely photos.

    By Liz Swann (27/08/2010)
  • “The Cabin” in the first picture was a gift and novelty shop, also in there was a fish and chip restaurant which I seem to remember was associated with the Clements family who also ran the Commodore fish restaurant on the corner of Seaview Rd and High Street. In the second picture the big building was the Wonder Bar restaurant and cafe during the 40’s and 50’s.

    By mikey (29/08/2010)
  • If you look above the middle bike parked in the road you can see Billy Wells with his back to you.The caravan to the left belonged to a man we the pony boys called the monkey man he had monkies in cages round the back that you could view for a small fee.the woody van parked in the road belonged to Mr Davis who sold fruit & veg,he had two sons named Terry & Micky.

    By John Buckmaster (12/03/2011)
  • My name is EASTON my dad Alan his father bill .he owned the wonder bar and the one in Dagenham. 

    By GARY EASTON (18/12/2017)
  • My Great Grandad’s restaurant, who has another son by the name of Leslie, who married my late nan, Rose Easton (Nee Ablit). Between them they had 4 children, including my mum. Family tore apart many years ago due to money/inheritance issues – so very sad – I remember way too much of the greed/hatred. I never had the opportunity to meet my great grandad. He passed away before I was born. I do  remember my mum protesting the sale of the wonderbar in Dagenham (after my grandad (my mums dad) passed away, sitting on the roof of the restaurant – it made headline news. Gary? Is that you? How is Uncle Alan? How are you? Mum passed away a few years back. Didn’t see you all there so I’m guessing you didn’t know. Hope all is well. Merry Christmas x

    By Tara (23/12/2017)

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