Canvey Village looking West

Buildings still there

As near as I could get the picture today
This is a picture of Scotts Dining Rooms which must have been taken c1920s

This picture was taken c1920. The pump has long gone but the two buildings are still there. The one just to the right of the pump is now partly Prima and the one further to the right, where you can see they serve teas was then own by the Scott family.

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  • Hello The building serving teas was called the “Orange cafe”

    By sparrow (22/02/2014)
  • Not at the time this picture was taken Sparrow. In the 1920s it was Scotts.

    By Janet Penn (22/02/2014)
  • Hi Sparrow, The building that was the Orange Cafe probably wasn’t there when this photo was taken or it’s out of shot on the r/h side. If you look at the angle to the road of the building concerned it’s still there as the Londis convenience store (known as Newman’s Newsagents in our time). I think the Orange Cafe dissappeared in the late 50s / early 60s and was replaced by the block(still there) which housed the Spar Supermarket and Exclusive Fabrics(still there).

    By Graham Stevens (23/02/2014)
  • The building that was the Orange Café is indeed still there, it is the building on the right with pitched roof and shop front. The shop was Orange Stores during the 1940,s and 50,s – the Orange Café was in the right hand side of the building – access via the gate in the picket fence. Stores and Café run by Mr and Mrs Flynn, their niece Valerie came to stay with them for a time in about 1960, she was a friend of my wife Lin. This is now the Londis store. The building housing Exclusive Fabrics and another small shop are out of the picture to the right of Orange Store and were built in the early 60,s. The building on the left of the picture now has Prima shop added to the front, was previously Cooks butchers and before that Atwells butchers.

    By michael swanson (23/02/2014)
  • I have added a picture of Scott’s Dining Rooms to the page

    By Janet Penn (26/02/2014)
  • As Michael Swanson said, the stores, with the cafe next door were run by mr & mrs Flynn in the 1950’s/60’s. My mum used to cook in the cafe, and i was a paper boy for the stores. I remember they had a lovely brown & white springer spaniel dog. Also remember Cooks butchers, where Prima now stands. We left the island in 1962, to live in Norfolk.

    By George Smith (28/02/2014)
  • Thanks Michael for dispelling my delusion that the Orange Cafe was a seperate building. I must have passed it on the bus hundreds of times before it dissapeared behind the the front extension of the shop. Any ideas as to when that was added? Apologies Sparrow I’m just a Leigh Beck ender with obviously only a ‘passing’ knowledge of the Village.

    By Graham Stevens (01/03/2014)
  • My Auntie was married in St Katherines Church in 1936, I have a photo of her Bridesmaid taken on the land next to the Orange Cafe.


    By Val Court (01/12/2014)

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