Canvey Tennis Court

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  • My brother-in-law played Tennis there it was in Vaagen Road where the Catholic school is now.

    By Anne Hurd (07/08/2016)
  • Sorry, Anne but these are the tennis courts alongside Whittier Hall with a very good image of my Grandpa, Oliver Stevens’ house in the background. He built it himself, starting c 1920 as a bungalow and a few years later adding the upper storey by prefabricating the walls on the ground and then hoisting them up by block and tackle and then nailing it all together with 9” inch nails. The local builders at the time said it wouldn’t stay up but it DID until my Uncle Ray pulled it down in the 1970s. It was called Reliance Cottage. Re this photo this looks familiar and could be from our family collection some of which mysteriously disappeared after my Dad, Aubrey, died. In fact one taken at the same time is used as the icon for my ‘ Shopping Basket full of Memories pt 1’, it’s even got the same exposure in the l/hand corner.

    By Graham Stevens (07/08/2016)

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