Coxs Hotel and Cafe

Corner of Seaview Road

When was this taken? Who is the lady by the car? The cars registration is KXE 992. Does that ring bells? Please comment below

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  • Looks like Beach House in the background

    By David Bullock (30/10/2011)
  • I take it you mean on the right. How did you spot that?

    By Janet Penn (31/10/2011)
  • I have a rather postcard picture of the interior of the cafe in my uncle’s photo album -I’ll scan it for you soon. The cafe was apparently called the oriental cafe, as written on the postcard. there is also a newspaper cutting of another picture of the hotel and cafe.

    By Liam Heatherson (31/10/2011)
  • The car is an Austin Sheerline, (Sister car to the Austin Princess) my parents had Sheerlines in the late 1950s early 60s if thats any help with dating??

    By Carol Norman (28/07/2013)

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