Old Glass Plate Negatives from c1900

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt kindly e-mailed in explaining that he had recently bought a few old glass plate negatives that may be of interest to us. He explained they are of Canvey Island and Benfleet around 1900.

“Marsh” Can you name the location?

Andrew continues:

‘There are six of them, and they are nice quality as they are 5 x 4 glass plate negatives which I have scanned and with some minor retouching and enhancement have restored the images, into postives.’

“House” Can you name the location?

‘I Would be fascinated to know any more about the places featured, especially the white house with the dog and lady outside.’

“Knightwick” Knightwick Farm was north of the Lake – Can you see the man on the roof!

‘The other farmhouse photo Knightswick Farm has two coccatwos or exotic white birds in it! This one I could find on a website regarding Essex history, and indeed it lists the 1871 census with the people living there. This was taken around 1900 – 1905 judging by the fashions.

“Windmill” Can you name the location? It looks similar to the one on Foulness Island?

‘The windmill is a mystery… all the others appear to be Benfleet and Canvey.’

“Canvey” This has been taken looking south from Benfleet Downs to Canvey Island. It shows the location of the Ferry crossing with Waterside Farm in the distance.

“Benfleet” Looking north from Canvey Island – This showns South Benfleet and the Downs

If you can give more information please leave a comment below or email in.

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  • Andrew has compared the Windmill with an old Photo of the Foulness Windmill and although it is very similar the apex of the lower hut roof is different. Although from the same age it is not considered to be the same one.

    By Andrew Macintyre (verbally to DB) (10/08/2008)
  • Could picture 1 be the lake. You can see the downs on the left hand side

    By joan liddiard (15/08/2008)
  • The mystery farmhouse looks so new and well kept and is typical of this area. It looks to be on flat ground, but Canvey?
    Was there ever a windmill on Canvey? There was a mill at the height of St Mary’s Road by Mill Hill on the Downs at South Benfleet, but that doesn’t look right either. It looks like a flat landscape. Puzzling.
    The last two pictures are easy, they were taken at one of the annual Benfleet/Canvey Regattas from and towards the original Benfleet Railway Station close by the Ferry.
    A great find, all the same. Are the pictures available somehow?

    By Robert Hallmann (18/08/2008)
  • Re the windmill photo

    After tilting at windmills for sometime without success I think I may have found the No 1 candidate for this picture. According to an article printed in the Basildon Standard by Jessie. K. Payne of Southend on 24th Oct 1959 a mill existed in Pitsea since early Elizabethan times. It was a post-mill (as shown) and was situated to the N.E of Howard Park (corner of Rectory Rd and A13). It stopped working c 1890 and disappeared from the horizon when destroyed by fire c 1903. Unfortunately no other photographic evidence is given and no archaelogical remains are mentioned. However as it was the only post-mill standing in our locality it seems a strong contender.

    Graham a.ka. Don Quixote

    Re the white house photo

    Thanks to Geoff Barsby’s 1st edition (picture 28) this can be identified as Hill House Farm nr Northwick Corner.


    By Graham Stevens (25/08/2008)
  • I believe the white farmhouse in the picture could be Hill House farm.
    I worked on several farms on Canvey in the 50s and 60s including that one and is the only one I can remember that was white.
    It was run by David Cass,and we used to visit Charfleets farm to collect machinery etc. so there was some kind of connection.

    By robin howie (04/09/2008)
  • This is, without doubt the windmill that stood at Horndon-on-the-Hill.  Demolished in 1917, some remains of the trestle still existed, when I last looked.

    By Rob C (26/10/2016)
  • I reckon the windmill is at Horndon on the Hill.  Or was!  Google images of windmill at Horndon on the Hill and see the similarity.

    By Adrian Tolley (21/05/2018)
  • Sorry I’ve just noticed the comment right at the bottom of page by Rob C about the windmill!  Yes I’m sure he’s right.

    By Adrian Tolley (21/05/2018)
  • Most certainly not the windmill at Pitsea, which had burnt down by 1902

    By Jim Cheeseman (19/03/2024)
  • “House” Can you name the location?

    I would say Smallgains Farm.
    A picture of the rear of this building here…

    By Martin Lepley (19/03/2024)
  • By Janet Penn (20/03/2024)

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