Slides of 1980's Canvey

Recently discovered

c1980: View of the Casino which has since been demolished. On the left is the Monico and between the buildings you can see the stairs leading to the Casino Snooker Club of which I was a member. To the right are the original toilets & seating, also since demolished.
(c) David Bullock
c1980: The 1621 Haven Road Dutch Cottage looking recently refurbished with little vegitation around it. This Cottage is privately owned and occupied to this day.
(c) David Bullock
c1980: This photo of the Dutch Cottage Museum sign has an interesting background. The Swing bridge sign and lamp is from the original Canvey Colvin Bridge but is now badly vandalised with the sign missing. Behind you can see the Oil Refinery which has now been demolished. You can also see the oil Refinery chimney which was demolished by Fred Dibnah.
(c) David Bullock
c1980: The Dutch Cottage Museum of 1618
(c) David Bullock
c1980: The Lobster Smack Inn at Hole Haven, see if you can spot any differences as to how she looks today.
(c) David Bullock
c1980: The jewel in the crown for me of these slided - The Oysterfleet Lighthouse. A rare photo taken from the Oysterfleet Car Park shortly before the whole site was redeveloped for the current Hotel. This historic building is discussed elsewhere on the site.
(c) David Bullock

I recently took a chance and purchased a photo slide magazine featuring photos of Essex including some of Canvey Island. The slides appear to be from around 1980 and I was delighted to find some rare views of Canvey buildings since gone. Below are a collection of some of the slides although they haven’t scanned very well. Descriptions have been added. More details of the Lighthouse can be found HERE.

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  • Great find Dave

    By Janet Penn (30/04/2009)
  • lovely to see the Oysterfleet Lighthouse building, heard about it so often, but never seen it.. what a lovely building and such a shame it was demolished.

    By Alison M (09/04/2016)
  • What a disgrace that the unique ‘Lighthouse’ house was destroyed. An act of vandalism! How did our council disgracefully allow this historic building to disappear from our community? Does anyone know who actually tore it down?

    Dr Alan Whitcomb

    By Dr Alan Whitcomb (21/04/2016)

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