The Bay Country Club

to The Gold Mine

This is a great picture of the Bay Country Club as this building was known until 1970. The private members club was on the first floor with roller skating, dances etc on the ground floor.

The Bay Country Club, looks like a very early picture just look at those cars

The building was bought by Stan and Jayne Barrett in 1970 changing the name to The Goldmine in 1972 when it became a night club.

The Gold Mine

The building was demolished in 1990’s making way for housing

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  • I remember roller skating here in the 1950’s I lived in Downham road, and in the winter with snow on the ground it seemed a long walk home, with my Wellington boots rubbing my legs and chilblains, but my brother David Wilson and I went back again for more

    By margaret (07/07/2011)
  • What about the dances on Friday nights, Margaret. Just records playing. Very tame compared with today. I can remember buckets on the floor towards the back of the hall downstairs to catch the rain. One week there were no records so June Buttleman (Nee Russell) played the piano. She was really good. We still had a great time. Canvey Boxing Club also stages matches there.

    By Wamburg (07/07/2011)
  • June Buttleman(nee Russell)…Could it be THE June Russell that lived in Concord road Winter Gardens in the late 1940’s and 1950’s? Would be great to hear from June if it were she…We were friends and neighbours of Jeans ‘way back then’ and my sister Eunice in particular was a great friend of June Russell. Would love to reminisce with you June?

    By Anita (14/01/2013)
  • Hi Anita. I’ll get a message to June to tell her. She still lives on Canvey. I don’t think she has a computer. Can you give me a number she can call?

    By Maureen Buckmaster (16/01/2013)
  • Is this the location?

    By Derek Spikk (01/09/2016)
  • Thanks Janet, for posting this great picture of The Bay Country Club and how it looked when I first saw it in the 1940’s. There were no other buildings anywhere around!! Following W.W.2, my father played piano with a 7 piece dance band called “The Nightspots” and they played for dances there sometimes twice per week until the early 1950’s, when they started playing at the Casino Ballroom. The crowds at the BCC would enjoy, ballroom, jive and some Dixieland!!!….Many memories! Our family moved to Canada in 53, but when the Bay Club changed to “The Goldmine”, my cousin, Chris Hill ran the very successful Goldmine night club, he was the DJ and became quite famous in that very building. My memories, of course,are from the ” good old days” when I was able to jive to my Dad’s Band, no charge!!! Oh boy!

    By Gerald Hudson (01/09/2016)
  • Before Stan Barrett bought it my Grandad owned it. I spent a lot of my early childhood there

    By Lynne Boyle (04/02/2021)
  • I lived just behind in beachway 1960/70 used to play inside it as it was empty at the end of the sixties

    By Adrian lavery (04/02/2021)

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