The Lending Library

High Street, Canvey

This tiny building was a library during WWI.

The building dates from 1905 situated in the High Street. It started life as an estate agents run by Hannah Burchfield, then a library run by William Martin who was a Parish Councillor before becoming a shop then a home.

Does anyone remember it and where exactly on the High Street was it. Do you remember it as a shop? Do you know who owned and ran it?

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  • Pretty sure this was between the Clock House & Smallgains Corner next to Gleten Ave. It was pulled down in the late 1970’s

    By David Bullock (28/04/2012)
  • Definitely between Clockhouse and Smallgains Corner. I remember it as a dwelling house but not anything else. Not sure when it ceased to be a library. It would have been opposite the old Bohemia Hall before it burned down. Oops not sure if this was the right name for this hall, The Bohemia may have been further round the corner, if so, what was this place called?

    By Joan liddiard (05/04/2013)
  • There was a Property called “The Elms” where David Bullock described it around 1910. As you stand in the High Street and look down Gleten Ave, it is the property on the right. Owner and occupier described as “Hannah BIRCHFIELD”.

    1918-1920 – Violet BREWSTER

    1920-1925 – Mrs MARTIN

    Also Clock House was opposite Bond Stores

    By Martin Lepley (28/09/2017)

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