The Occidental Refinery

Taken in the 1980s

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  • A superb find!

    By Liam Heatherson (08/09/2012)
  • If you look to the left of the construction jetty [bottom photo] you will see some black marks in the water.These are wooden stakes which are the remains of the old coastguard moorings. They can still be seen quite clearly in a kind of semi circle if you go there at low tide. This was also the grave of the M.G.B “Bendigo”which was formerly moored by Benfleet bridge. It was beached there after taking water whilst being towed up Hole haven creek. I saw it fairly intact in 2006 but theres nothing left now. Regards Sparrow

    By sparrow (11/09/2012)
  • Walked up to the construction jetty yesterday and you can still see the remains of the boat although not much left now and it was very low tide. I was wondering where it had come from and why it was abandoned so thank you for the information

    By Sarah (21/08/2013)
  • Does anyone remember a late 90’s TV advert filmed on the main road into the occidental site, and at the high road shops opp. maurice road? It was advertising a video game? The lad in the advert was throwing games into the road at the occidental site and the ‘Island video’ store name had been changed to ‘Island games’.

    By Nick Lloyd (31/08/2018)
  • Nick Lloyd .

    yep it was a Sony advert, I noticed the style of street lights being the same from over the wick.

    By Gary Smiff (17/11/2018)

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