The Old Bridge

Showing the bridge in the open position

Great picture of the old bridge. The Dauntless boatyard can clearly be seen on the left. Any ideas of the date?

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  • This must surely be at the opening on 21 May 1931, or maybe at a test opening beforehand? Great photo.

    By Robert Hallmann (12/10/2010)
  • I am looking at a picture of the opening and there are hundreds of people there and no sign of Dauntless Boatyard sheds.

    In the above picture there also looks like lots of wear on the roadway. So it must be much later.

    By Janet Penn (12/10/2010)
  • I’m not sure of the date of the the photo of the opened bridge [above] but we have to remember that it was second hand when it was installed, I believe it came from Silvertown-this might explain the wear and tear evident in the picture, incidentally my Grandfather, Fred Marshall, was the electrician who installed the electric motors when it first opened.

    Interestingly the notices at either end of the bridge indicated that it was a swing bridge-in fact when it opened two sections were raised and “folded” back on the roadway as indicated in the photo although often just one section was opened that is, when it didn’t break down!

    By Ian Newman (18/10/2010)

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