The Pavilion, May Avenue

an early picture

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  • AH refreshments at THE PAVILION My parents and us two kids moved from Kent to Benfleet as I had asthma, and was told sea air would be the best thing for me and to make it as near to the Essex coast as possible. So my parents found Benfleet in 1949 we live there for only a year, BECAUSE! my parents FOUND CANVEY ISLAND, we got home from school one day and my parents were waiting for us in the old FORD 8, we have found a wonderful place to live we are going to move,” What again groaned I ” another change of School, but when we drove on to Canvey and along Long Rd and to the sea front we couldn’t wait to move, I got better, the sea air and the freedom saved my life, I had been a very sick child and never at school but I thrived, I loved living there they were the best years of my childhood. AND the refreshments at the Pavilion, we had tea there every Sunday in the summer, loads of bead and jam and a huge pot of tea 2/6

    By Margaret (14/11/2013)

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