Three Photos of Canvey.


These are 3 photos of Canvey which I found in my files.

This one was taken in August 1939. I am the one, aged 6 months, being carried by my mother. The photo was taken on the sea wall at the top of May Avenue.

This one is of a M.T.B. that was moored off Canvey Point.

This oneĀ is of the concrete barge taken in March 2003.

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  • Three excellent photos!

    There is a website dedicated to our Concrete Barge –

    What happened to the MTB?

    By David Bullock (21/01/2009)
  • The MTB was one of a few that were broken up after the war at the Point by Dennis Baker and his brother. After all hardware, brass and copper were removed the hulls were burnt

    By Ian Hawks (23/01/2009)
  • The boat is a Fairmile D MTB/MGB. None of them have survived. They were not very quick but very heavily armed and dangerous.
    Provided by Richard Basey, who maintains an even older MTB which is till running to this day! See

    By Tom Jea (20/05/2009)

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