Timber Galore

A vessel with an unfortunate name in an even more unfortunate situation

This photo is from those given to Ken Harding by Avril Fitzpatrick.It was apparently taken from the ‘Summer Rose’ out in the fairway somewhere off Chapman Light. We remember quite a quantity of timber coming ashore along Canvey sea wall but can’t specify the year.

Can anybody remember the year and tell us of the eventual fate of ‘The Good Ship Skum!’? Presumably with a name like that she remained floating on the surface.

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  • Wow!

    By David Bullock (06/11/2009)
  • Found the vessel Skum.

    D/S Skum was a Norwegian WWII vessel.

    D/S Skum
    Manager: Lorentz S. Lyngaas & Jacob O. Lyngaas, Tønsberg
    Tonnage: 1304 gt
    Built in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Holland in 1916.

    This site shows lists of all her voyages
    apparently she came to Southend quite a lot during the war, lots of info but I have found nothing so far after the war.

    By Janet Penn (09/11/2009)
  • Re D/S Skum
    Thanks Jan. It appears that not only was this vessel a long-serving old work-horse but she and her crew were unsung heroes of WW2. A complete contradiction of the English appearance of her name!

    By Graham Stevens (10/11/2009)

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