Two Canvey photos

Lobster Smack around the mid 1950's
Trish Nicholls
A Spritsail Barge or Thames Barge - taken in the mid 1950's
Trish Nicholls

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  • Thats how i remember it in the 50s, its a lot different now.

    By TONY FROST. (12/08/2020)
  • I dont mean the building, the seawall and outside surrounding area.

    By TONY FROST. (12/08/2020)
  • Judging by the look of the seawall in the Lobby photo I’d say it was probably early 50s because after the 1953 flood there was a new seawall with a concrete cap on it.

    By Janet Walden (25/08/2020)
  • Always wondered any photos of lobster smack in 53 floods out there. As looking at old sea wall behind the pub.?????

    By Gary Foulger (11/07/2022)

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