Who can tell me what this is.

From 1949-1952

A better view in 1952
The ball during construction
Apparently this was a Hortonsphere pressure vessel
photo taken c1935

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  • Looks very much like the Low pressure and High pressure gas Holders (manufactured coal gas) supplying gas to Canvey Island in the 40’s and 50’s by the Gas Light and Coke Company later to become the North Thames Gas Board, maybe somebody else could confirm or correct

    By Gerald Hudson (25/03/2015)
  • I think you must be right Gerald,nothing else it could be from that date,I’m not sure the old Regent Oil depot was there in 1949,if it was then it could be their HP and LP Vessels.

    By Frank Liddicott (25/03/2015)
  • Hi Frank, on closer exam. I seem to recall that the Gas company’s low pressure holder was the old style which raised and lowered with incoming pressure changes (not the cylindrical type), unless it was changed after I left their employ in 1953. I actually spent some “deafening” nights out there, running a compressor which pumped low pressure gas into the high pressure holder.!!! 

    By Gerald Hudson (26/03/2015)
  • As far as I recall, these are the “gas ball” and the “sausage”. As far back  as I can remember (early 1940’s) the gas ball was used by the Gas Light and Coke Company to store coal gas for distribution across the Island. In the late 40’s the sausage was erected to meet the increased demand on the Island. Of course, both became redundant in the early 60’s when Canvey changed over to methane gas.

    By michael swanson (26/03/2015)
  • This was affectionately known to us kids as the Sausage and Onion in the late 60s and was situated in Thames Road next to the entrance to Calor and opposite Concord Rangers

    By Alex Gartshore (12/10/2015)

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