Hester's Monorail

from Fred Mclean

I have never seen this picture before.
Fred Mclean

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  • Wow Jan – where/how did you get this? Please send a high resolution scan so I can examine it!

    By David Bullock (12/11/2011)
  • From Fred McClean who is on Flickr. This is the highest res he sent me. I will send it to you direct just in case it comes out better that way.

    By Janet Penn (12/11/2011)
  • Thanks Jan – I am interested where he got the photo from – there seems to be a lot of high buildings around

    By David Bullock (14/11/2011)
  • I will ask him Dave. Perhaps the picture was taken off the island or from an odd angle making the pictures higher than they really were.

    By Janet Penn (14/11/2011)
  • This photo appeared in The Narrow Guage Railway Society’s special edition of 2016. The special edition, written by John L. Townsend, focused on Caillet’s Patent Mono-Rail System 1893. The vehicle pictured is Type 19 horse hauled tram car for 12 passengers from the Monorail Portable Railway Company brochure of 1898, reproduced in the special edition courtesy of the Guidhall Library, City of London.

    By Janet Walden (05/02/2024)

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