Two of Canvey's open top buses

Photo dated 1981

Parked in Furtherwick Road at the side of the Monico.

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  • I recollect as a youngster in shorts, one of those rare hot dry summer days with the sun shimmering off the sea and amber dust rising lazily like smoke from pavements and exhausted people shuffling along the pavement.
    School was out and my friends as usual were crowding the ‘grown-ups’ at the bus stop for our journey home. The bus arrived; we jumped the platform and noisily bundled upstairs to construct elaborate tales about the lack of a fare. After practicing our stories on the conductor he eventually relented and told us to bring money, not stories, next time.
    After this small victory however, the sky darkened, and after a few loud cracks the rain hammered down like a biblical deluged. So what you say, nothing unusual.
    However in those days Canvey’s transport was serviced by Open–topped buses similar to the present southend seafront summer service. I recall some people raised umbrellas (very strange) others donned raincoats but us school kids were drenched. Many years on I often think upon that day and wonder? Happy Days.

    By Thom Johnson (02/02/2023)
  • I am afraid I cannot wax so lyrical about Canvey’s bus transport of the1950s as my experience was basically going backwards and forwards to school in Westcliff.The original Canvey Bus Company had light green paintwork , later to be superseded by a smattering of Westcliff Bus Company vehicles. Some of the green ones had wooden slatted seats!! Both these companies were owned by the Bridge family who also owned Supreme Coaches. When The Eastern National took over probably early 60s the Benfleet terminus was was still at the Ferry Tea Rooms.AT NO TIME DO I RECALL. OPEN TOP BUSES BEING USED AS REGULAR SERVICE!
    Also our behaviour on the top deck was beyond reproach.
    I am sure Maureen Buckmaster will support me in this.
    PS The buses in the photo are Southend Corporation and the Corporation never came onto Canvey!!

    By Graham Stevens (02/02/2023)

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