An Interview with Brian Cook

Old Canvey Memories

On 8th August 2008 CCA member Jim Gray interviewed long term Canvey resident Brian Cook. The interview has been split into smaller segments for your convenience.

These memories have been edited and some names removed to protect privacy. The views expressed are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect the views of the Canvey Community Archive.

To listen click on each segment (one at a time)…

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  • I was interested to hear Brian mention the Botterills these were my maternal grandparents. My mother Ruth Botterill married Stanley Coe and had six children. My mother had a connection with the Jolly Boys cafe I have a photograph of her as a waitress there. I would be interested if anybody remembers my family.

    By Hazel Pope (27/11/2009)
  • Please could I have a look at your photo of your mum as waitress at Jolly Boys Cafe?

    By Valerie Estabrook (25/03/2010)
  • 17th March 2011 Brian Cook sadly died early this morning. CCA member James Gray popped over to see him earlier this month for five minutes and stayed an hour. A lovely, lovely bloke. Jim asked me to mention his passing on the Canvey websites. We loved listening to his memories of Canvey, at least he’s reunited now with his wife, and his son who died over fifty years ago at the age of seventeen.

    By David Bullock (17/03/2011)
  • Hi Re the son who died. Could this be Barry Cook? We were great pals and at sea at the same time when he lost his life.He lived in Mornington road. Surely not a coincidence. Can anyone confirm? Regards Sparrow

    By sparrow (18/03/2011)
  • Really sorry to hear of Brian Cook’s passing. I only know of him due to a misposted Christmas card to my home that I subsequently hand-delivered to his correct address. A few days later I received a wonderful personally-written letter of thanks, in which he described how the sender of the card was in fact the daughter of a lady who used to live at my house before myself. Bizarre how the card ended up at the wrong address, but amazing there was a link behind it, and a lovely gesture on Brian’s part that few people would take the time to do these days. RIP Brian Cook.

    By Tyron Barrett (06/07/2011)
  • Marion & Brian was the most lovely people. I was their carer for few years. Marion died couple years ago but I was still Brian’s carer I loved him like a dad he knew all my family like most of you prob do my maiden name Frost.

    Brian used to tell me stories about Canvey and when we were growing up as he knew me because I grew up in Mornington Rd.

    I went to visit my daughter in Australia in March and Brian sadly passed away while I was there. My family never told me untill I got back as they knew how very upset I would be miss him so much very special man. R.I.P. XX

    By jen geach (24/09/2011)
  • My Granmother, Winnifred Botterill often spoke to me about her fathers “funfair” on Canvey Island. I think he also had a few other businesses there as well? I’d be interested if anybody has any pictures or stories. Thanks

    By Warren (12/04/2012)
  • My mum was Win Botterill – Ruth Coes’s sister. I now live in Bowers Gifford.

    By Hazel scrivener (10/08/2013)
  • Hello Hazel my mother was Ruth Botterill Win’s sister how are you ? I would love to know more about Grandad Botterill on Canvey.  I live in Norfolk now and remember visiting the grandparents when they lived in Nassington Peterboro.  Also your mother was my god mother.

    By hazel pope (22/09/2014)
  • @Hazel Pope – I guess that makes you my second cousin… 🙂

    By Warren (20/11/2014)
  • Hazel..fancy seeing you here ??

    By Sandra Springall (10/05/2015)
  • I am Stan Pierce now 87 in Australia. Just listened to the Benny Cook stories about Canvey. He sounded very aged and unwell. Listening to him made me feel so sad because I knew him as a boy all young and fit. He was in the same classes as me at school from the infants to the Long Rd. School right up until 1950. I remember him mostly from being the best cricket batsman in school and I always tried to get in his team. RIP Ben.

    By Stan Pierce (06/03/2023)
  • Hi Stan nice to hear from you again. Hope you are well.

    By Janet Penn (07/03/2023)
  • Hi Stan , good to hear from you. The only one of your siblings still around a few yrs ago is Terry. I saw him when the bench for the B17 was dedicated afterwards I heard he wasn’t, well. I haven’t seen him around since then , hope he is OK( we were classmates at Leigh Beck)
    With regard to your comment the interview is with BRIAN Cook not BENNY. If it is the Benny Cook I think you are referring to( he used to work for the Gas Board) he actually made a comment fairly recently on the Archive.
    Unfortunately I am not able to find it! Graham 🤔😀

    By Graham Stevens (07/03/2023)
  • Hello Janet and Graham. Yes I am fortunately quite fit and well. Lots of gardening and doing my own housework. Am checking out electric pianos to learn to play, hopefully.
    About Benny Cook. My mind says his real name was Brian but we all called him Benny and that’s why I assumed it was him in the conversation. Perhaps you could find out if I got it wrong and get him on here. Also anyone know If John Napper is still around and George Wright . Both from Leigh Beck.

    By Stan Pierce (07/03/2023)

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