Haymaking Canvey

A Padgett Haven Series Postcard date pre 1920

Close-up of the farm is that the water tower in the distance on the left?
Close-up of the buildings one of those buildings looks like a church

What farm is this?

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  • O.K. Taken a bit of working out, this one. Considering the date it would appear from the number of properties in the background that we are looking east towards Leigh Beck(where all the main development would have been at this time). My first candidate was Wrack Hall but having checked Robert Hallman’s page on the subject it is noted that the farm was uninhabited in 1881 so I’ve moved back westwards by about half a mile and am now pretty sure it is Lubbins/ Lovens/Labworth farm. In fact a photo of the farmhouse on this site shows that it has a rear extension with an apex roof which can be seen on the postcard. Also if this is correct that could be St Annes Church which was built in 1910.

    By Graham Stevens (17/01/2016)

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