The Bridge crossing viewed from South Benfleet

Post Cards of the Benfleet Creek Crossing

On 21st May 1930 work began on a Bridge to replace the ferry from South Benfleet to Canvey Island. A year later on 21st May 1931 the bridge was opened by Col Colvin, the bridge taking on his name.

These Post Cards view the Bridge from South Benfleet looking over the creek to Canvey Island.

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  • How delighted I was to see in the above photograph my Grandfather [Fred Marshall] third from the left wearing his characteristic Trilby hat and his small toolbox by his right foot – he was the electrician who installed the electric motors which drew back the roadway to allow passage for boats. In later years during the second world war he was in the Canvey contingient of the Home Guard, I believe he was a captain – in the attached photo he is in the front row third from the left with other officers of the South Essex company, I’m not sure where the photo was taken – is that the rear of the Admiral Jellicoe in the left background?
    I would be interested to find out.

    By Ian Newman (03/11/2009)
  • Hi Ian
    Delighted with your news!
    The property in the backgorund (left) is Waterside Farm – the buildings still being there, now part of CPDC’s recycling centre.
    If you have more info on your Grandfather including pictures we would be delighted to add them to the site
    Dave Bullock

    By David Bullock (06/11/2009)
  • Can anyone tell me when the bridge was built please? Im 46 and lived here all my life. I was at a friends bbq in Basildon and they asked when was it built, and i didnt know, so some help please, cheers Jason Taylor.

    By Jason Taylor (26/07/2010)
  • It was opened on the 21st May 1931

    By Janet Penn (26/07/2010)

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