Molly Redman's postcards.

Here are 3 postcards passed to us by Rod Bishop on behalf of Molly Redman.

The message on the first postcard reads: Dear Mum, Hope this card finds you better, how would you like to live in this Dutch Cottage. Talk about a pantomime railway took me about 4 hours to get here. Never mind, I’m here and I know I shall have a good time. Don’t forget to write and don’t forget to tell Dad to wave Much love, Nellie. It was sent to Mrs Thompson, 279 Chingford Rd, Walthamstow, London. I’m guessing it’s from around the early 1920’s. So unfortunate that the postmark and stamp are missing.

The 2nd card has no message on the back only the date 1929. I wonder who the lady and little boy are? I’m assuming members of the Redman family? I’d love to find out.

The 3rd card is postmarked 13th August 1919 and was sent to the same address as the 1st card. It reads: Dear Old Ball(?) I am having a lovely time down here. I like it very much it seems to me as if it is another land and I don’t want to come home(?). I remain your …….(?) Jack.

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  • In 1929, the REDMANs had a property down down Furtherwick Road (Number 24).

    By Martin Lepley (20/01/2022)
  • That’s Hubert’s wife, Ivy and son Robert. Robert was born in 1925 when they lived at a place which is something like ‘Betyme’ and he was then a nurseryman. More details coming soon.

    By Janet Penn (20/01/2022)

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