Three Postcards

from Lin and Michael Swanson

Canvey Village School taken in 1912. I have seen this picture before but the background was unclear. In this copy you can clearly see St Katherine's Church. Lin says her father and his siblings are in this picture but she is not sure which children they are.
Lin and Michael Swanson
This is probably the church choir the picture must have been taken around the 1920s. The vicar is Rev Edwin Green
Lin and Michael Swanson
This is totally new to me. c1910.Taken from Long Road towards the junction with Haven Road. You can just see the village pump behind the cart. Looks like the cart is delivering coal as the lady has a bucket in each hand.
Lin and Michael Swanson

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  • Jan, The second picture can’t be 1900, as Lin’s Aunt Dorothy Layzell – nee Jennings (born 1907) and Uncle Fred Layzell (back row left) are in the picture as well as a few others that she recognises and can name. It is most likely to be early 1920’s. The vicar is possibly Rev Edwin Green – in your article on Henry Hayes, Gillian Leslie remarks that he looks just like Edwin Green. Regards Michael Swanson

    By michael swanson (29/12/2011)
  • Yes I know Michael. I have been trying to work out who is who re the vicars. I was going by Geoff Barsbys book re the picture of Henry Hayes which is the same as the one in the article on Henry Hays. I am coming to conclusion we do not have any pictures of Henry Hayes or he looks very similar to Edwin Green.

    By Janet Penn (29/12/2011)
  • In the Last picture with the horse and the village in the background. Does anyone know the name and numbers of the two houses behind the tree, and who was living there?

    If I am not mistaken, in 1911 the JENNINGS family was living in the house not in the picture, but near them on our left. There were two semi detached houses like the two in the picture but set further back from the road.


    By Martin Lepley (19/07/2017)
  • In the 1950s, Bryn and Mary from the Village fish shop lived in the house on the left of the picture. Mrs Jennings (Lin’s grandmother), lived in one of the pair laying further back, out of the picture. She is at their gateway with two of her twelve children. We have that picture on our wall at home. We don’t know the numbers or names of any of the houses.

    By michael swanson (21/07/2017)

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