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  • My great grandfather Cox’s place.  Sadly burnt down, which I discovered on a journey some 20 years back. My grandmother, Olive Cox married David Culver. My mother Margot Culver left England for South Africa during the 2nd World War. Married a South African pilot Jan Germishuys. 11 years later my sister Jacqueline was born in 1954 and Michele was born in 1955.  My grandfather David Culver died in 1924 when my mother was only 6 years old and he was only 24 years old.  He was laid to rest in the local church, St Anne’s, if I recall correctly.  I would be very keen to connect with the Culver family. My mothers brother, John Culver has passed away and having only met my cousins once some 40 years ago, I have no connection to this side of my family. 

    By Michele Stocken (15/03/2018)
  • David Culver is buried in St Katherine’s Churchyard. He died in the Seamans Hospital, Greenwich on the 1st January 1925. He was buried to the West of the old church right next to the pathway. There is stone curb stones but no name appears or can no longer be read.

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2018)
  • Thank-you Janet, I recall it was St Katherine’s. I never knew that he died in hospital, I was told he died out at sea.  I did manage to find his grave.  I would dearly love to make another trip to England which is very possible. 

    By Michele Stocken (15/03/2018)
  • If I remember correctly where he died was stated in the register. I will check for you.

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2018)
  • Thank-you Janet, that would be most kind of you.

    By Michele stocken (06/04/2018)
  • It is as stated in the register can’t tell you any different. I would of thought the normal practise of death at sea was burial at sea.

    Update: I have spoken to an old sailor and he said it might be the case that his body was brought home to the hospital then buried from there. There does not seem to be any death registered on land that I can find which would fit in with dying at sea.

    By Janet Penn (10/04/2018)
  • Hello Janet,
    Much has happened since our last chat. I have packed up and now am residing in Australia. I have recently obtained a British Citizenship and possibly this year will get my British passport. I popped over to the UK October 2019 and of course did the trip to Canvey Island and saw the grave. I was planning a trip end of April and due to the virus I have had to postpone. We are all praying for you in UK. Our local library allows us access to and have been able to get some info. I will make arrangements prior to my next visit to posdibly see the recirds at Greenwich. Are you in Canvey Island?

    By Michele Stocken (22/03/2020)
  • Hi Michele nice to hear from you. Yes very difficult time right now but as always Canvey Islanders will get through it.
    I live almost next door to St Katherine’s, shame I did not know you were on the Island.

    By Janet Penn (22/03/2020)
  • Hi, my name is Vivian Middleton nee Culver. John Davies Saville Culver was my fatherand lived on Canvey Island in Coxs Boarding house. His father was Davies Robert Hickman Culver who died at Greenwich Seamans Hospital and is buried at St Katherines Church on Canvey Island. I visited the grave about 15 years ago and saw his name on the grave I think if I remember correctly that it said Dave. I corresponded with our grandmother back in 1983 reference my fathers name John Davies Saville Culver, she said the Davies came from his father, but they always called him Dave. I have a copy of my grandfathers death certificate which states that he died of Pneumonia and a perforated duodenal ulcer and subphrenic absess.
    I think this makes me your cousin Michele, I live in France now but lived for 30 years in Norfolk. Before that in the West Midlands, I was born in Wolverhampton. I have two sisters Lesley and Judy.
    Our father John Culver died in 1979 and is buried in Whittington churchyard near Lichfield Staffs.
    I am so pleased to have made contact with you.

    By Christopher Middleton (10/09/2020)

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