Two early Lobster Smack cards


This card may be earlier than 1920 only Seabrooke's name appears
This card is from the early 1920's. Seabrooke and Stout and Porter were served here
Is that Mr Crow with his carriage waiting to take someone home. The buildings in the back ground would be Sluice Farm
A family outing and the postbox is that the one in the museum?

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  • The pictures of the Lobster Smack Inn would be approximately 1911 as the children in the Inn dorway are my Mother Lucy Beckwith & my Aunt Clara born in 1905 and My Mother 1907.

    By Alan Blackwood (16/10/2012)
  • The picture may be as you say Alan but the Postcard is from the 1920s. It is a Padgett Haven series Postcard. Posted in 1923 and the numbers on the front correspond (from the list I have so far) to his work in 1923. I can also point out that the chimney to the right is very different to the chimney on your pictures from both 1910 and 1912. Therefore your 1911 would be incorrect. The clothes the people are wearing and the boater the chap wears however look earlier than 1920s.

    By Janet Penn (16/10/2012)
  • Despite your comments about being incorrect, the picture with the cowel on the chimney is 1911 as my Mother and Aunt can not fake their age no matter when the post card was published. The photo on my web site where I say about 1912 is most likely earlier as at the time I had nothing to give a more possitive date. The photo of the Inn on my web site with my family at the door is certified as 1908 and is a bench mark for the Inn.

    By Alan Blackwood (16/10/2012)
  • I thought everything on your website was absolutely correct Alan.

    By Janet Penn (16/10/2012)

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