Knightswick Road towards Furtherwick

Old Postcard date unknown

Knightswick Road looking south onto Furtherwick Road.
Similar veiw today. The five shops on the right are the same ones in the picture above
google street view
Close-up of the shops what were the names?
Do you remember these in Furtherwick Road? Strutts Corner

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  • Mr Ryall had the shop which has the petrol pump outside, he sold paraffin, bykes and many other things. this shop then became Leach’s Stores.

    Next door to Ryalls was Jack Chapple’s Fruiterers and Greengrocers, he also sold Corn. In later life the shop became a cafe.

    There used to be a Jewish Taylor in one of the shops in the 1950? he used to sit in the window sewing garments. I don’t recall his name, his wife used to do holiday letting down May Avenue

    By Val Court (10/12/2014)
  • Hello

    I think the shop with the canopy third from the left in the first picture could be Shillums.



    By sparrow (11/12/2014)

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