Where is this?

Can anyone please help

From Roger Thipthrop postcard collection
From Roger Thipthrop postcard collection

We have already published the bottom two postcards, kindly lent to us by Roger Thipthrop, now we have another card with the same unusual building on it and still no nearer knowing where it was.

Possibly around Marine Approach, Aalton Road area. I think these pictures were taken from the seawall.

Can anyone help??

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  • Definitely right about the area. No doubt somewhere along Marine Parade. There are two options where the path goes across the dyke up the seawall. First at Beck Rd where the farm track led up to a landing of some kind for the transhipment of hay. Second at the end of Southfalls. I can only guess the date of the cards, shall we say the 1920s? If this is the case would the land to west of Beck Rd have properties on it? Looking at the other development I would think so. If on the contrary the land was not developed at the time of the photo this could be Beck Rd and building be Mrs Paice’s bungalow between Aalten Ave and Beck Rd.(where the flats are now). Move along to Southfalls Rd, probably the better option, land to the west would be open(now recreation ground and Canvey Football Club). The only possible building there would have been ‘Trendars'(Kit Land’s place) which could be off camera. Also I remember the from childhood the dyke was wider there when we used to go newting. Finally it was probably the location of a good beach on that corner that would attract more visitors hence the tea-hut.

    By Graham Stevens (25/01/2015)
  • I think there is another, rather distant, view of this building in the card “Caught Bending” just added here. Only the roofs show. As most of the card is beach I’m not sure it helps in locating things although the angle of the sea wall is probably a clue.

    By David Nugget (11/02/2018)
  • In my opinion…

    Looking at the third picture, we can see a dyke running along the west side of the road. This suggests that it is not Beck Road (Benham Road).

    I would very much suggest that the road running past the property (with the dyke along it) is Southfalls road.

    By Martin Lepley (13/02/2018)

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