Caught Bending

Padgett postcard

I don’t think this picture is on here already, if it is ignore it.
This is one of Padgett’s Haven series postcards, perhaps around 1920.
Where is it?
I thought the pointy roof on the horizon was Cox’s beach stand but the
geography is confusing.

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  • I think the pointy house is Kynochs Hotel because when you enlarge it you can see another roof to the left which looks like the Lobster Smack.

    By Janet Walden (10/02/2018)
  • The chimneys or lack of them look wrong for that.  Looking though the other cards here, the combination of pointy roof with no chimney next to a gable roof with chimney not quite in the centre seems to exactly match the building(s) in the cards labelled “where is this?”, eg the card “View looking East Canvey” 

    By David Nugget (11/02/2018)
  • I think you are correct David

    By Janet Penn (12/02/2018)
  • ,Re “caught bending”

    I think the “pointy house” is Beach house, because situated behind the group is the original (lower)sea wall built a century? or so before the pre 1953 wall in the distance and this is where many years ago I used to dig for bait!

    If today you stand on the wall overlooking the paddling pool you can see the beginnings of the very old wall extending eastwards which is now just a line of rocks

    By Ian Newman (19/04/2018)

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