Early Canvey Postcard

Is this Thorney Bay?

Very early A J Padgett postcard looking East from what looks to me like Thorney Bay. Date of the Postcard is c1910
Foundations of this Cafe? If this is a Padgett Postcard the date would be in the 1920's
David Bullock

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  • Is that the labworth cafe in the distance,if it is it must be the bay.

    By John Buckmaster (09/03/2012)
  • You cannot see it clearly enough to tell but going by the clothes of the people in the picture I would think this was taken long before the Labworth was built.

    By Janet Penn (09/03/2012)
  • The boat looks like an old naval whaler

    By Ian Hawks (09/03/2012)
  • I thought this one was Shell Beach because I thought the barrels were remnants of Hester’s jetty – the concrete barrels. This could make sense as I’ve got this post card and I think it is dated 1920s on the back so that would give time for its fate to happen, as I think I heard it went down not long after Hester’s time.

    By Liam Heatherson (09/03/2012)
  • In a postcard from Jill Goodkind there is a picture of a lady sitting on a boat that is very much like this one, could it be the same one. Also there are lots of concrete barrels there.

    By John Buckmaster (10/03/2012)
  • I think this is the location of the old cafe featured in many Post Cards, situated at the end of Seaview Road looking towards the Point

    By David Bullock (11/03/2012)
  • If it was taken at the bottom of Seaview Road wouldn’t the Beach House have to be in the foreground?

    By Janet Penn (12/03/2012)
  • I have added a second card to illustrate

    By David Bullock (12/03/2012)
  • Beach House apart none of the other buildings on your card are in the one above Dave which would disprove your theory.

    By Janet Penn (12/03/2012)
  • I’m sure you are right Dave, as the other buildings are in your picture and the projection coming of the point is also in both photos.

    By John Buckmaster (13/03/2012)
  • Thanks to Liam sending me a scan of the back of the postcard we have been able to date the top postcard which is a A J Padgett postcard. The number on it dates it at about 1910. Dave’s Postcard, if it too is a Padgett card, would be dated ten or more years later in the 1920’s. This is according to Padgett’s own index numbers.

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2012)
  • Try this: Two theories(which I have to say I had prior to Jan’s last comment.) A. The first picture pre-dates Dave’s postcard by more than a decade c1910. The structure is as Liam suggests the remains of the landward end of Hester’s jetty and the buildings in the far distance are the bungalows grouped around Beck Rd/ Zider Pass at the end of the farm track from Claydon’s Farm. All the structures on Dave’s postcard are obviously later additions to the landscape; The remnants of the jetty have been utilised as the base for the cafe. The buildings shown are actually between the end of Park Lane and Southfalls Rd, probably one is ‘Trendars’, where Kit Land used to live and Beach House is obscuring the view of the properties in the distance in the Beck Rd area.

    B. If it is Thorney Bay; the base stucture is a mystery which could still be in some form under the raised area in the N.E. corner where we now enter the bay and the distant houses could possibly be around the end of what is now May Ave and include Concord House. Don’t discount the concrete barrels as I believe the ‘Benmohr’ ran aground in proximity of the Bay and they could have washed in. Take your pick! How long is a section of seawall. How long is a piece of string?

    By Graham Stevens (16/03/2012)
  • Well done Graham. Yes you are right the Benmohr was grounded at Thorney Bay. Just to point out that Thorney Bay was twice the depth it is now, before the creek was dammed it used to go back right over the green and playground area that is there today.

    By Janet Penn (16/03/2012)
  • This is definately Beach House. My wife lived in Seaview Court, which was next door.

    By Harry Mount(Williams) (02/03/2013)
  • If it is the bottom picture you are talking about Harry we know it is Beach House it is the top picture we are discussing. The bottom picture was uploaded for illustration.

    By Janet Penn (02/03/2013)

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