Canvey's last remaining Pillbox

WW2 remnants at Holehaven

Looking South towards the Gasworks – The entrance is to the left of the Loop hole

I recently discovered to my amazement that there is still a World War 2 Pillbox on Canvey Island. The Island used to have many, mainly on the South Sea Wall, but they were all destroyed when the new wall was constructed in the early 1980’s.

I visited on a rainy day on 23rd April 2008 to take these Photos. This Pillbox has the designation number of SMR10798 and is a Type FW3/98, very rare in Essex. It is built of brick & concrete measuring 9’2″ square with a narrow entrance on the north west side. The walls are 20″ thick, each of the four walls having a loop hole. It’s exact location is TQ 7768 8287 which is on the west side of Haven Road opposite Brick House Farm. If the new Ring Road is built it may well cut through this location and this last remaining three star rated Pillbox may be destroyed.

A view from the inside featuring one of the large firing loops

If you have any information on this Pillbox please leave a message below. Click below for four more views of the Pillbox….

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  • I think that this pillbox should be kept and preserved for the future, after all is part of our history. If this is going to be destroyed, we must have it dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else on Canvey. I will make enquiries

    By joan liddiard(bishop) (19/08/2008)
  • What appeared to be today’s “rubbish” will be tomorrow’s archaeology. As these buildings were hastily erected and had very little thought the future preservation, we are losing them at a great rate, there is considered to be less than 1000 in good condition out of the original 28,000 built. If we do not recognise these as being important in our history today they may not be around in the future. It is part of our culture and heritage, we need to make sure they are saved for future generations.

    By Kevin Andrews-Mead (22/02/2009)
  • You certainly know your stuff, Kevin.

    By Gillian (28/10/2009)

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