Canvey's Lucky Escape

30th December 1944

In 1994 Gary Foulgar was part of a group who dug up a v2 rocket from a field off Canvey Way on Canvey where it had crashed on the 30th December 1944.

Gary says:- It had carried a 1 ton war head, it was 47ft height 13 metric tons and took 3 mins from Holland at 2,800mph went 60 miles high edge of space then back to earth at 1,800 mph. Then something happened and it broke up crashing to the ground on Canvey.

When the group were digging up the remains of the rocket they had no idea if the warhead had gone off or where it had landed. At a later date the warhead was found  about 200 yards away.

Over 1400 V2s were launched at Britain. 500 at London! The V2 rockets descended faster than speed of sound! 9000 Londoners died.

Some of the remains were on display at the Dutch Cottage Museum until they were stolen a few years ago. Fortunately part of those remains were later found and replaced back on site at the Museum.

Below are some photos Gary took of the remains that were found.

Gary digging out the rocket. At the time they had no idea where the warhead was or if it had gone off in 1944.

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  • That was very interesting. I would have been 9 months old when that happened. Great photos 

    By Valerie Phillips (03/03/2016)
  • You can watch the recovery. Of this german v2 rocket.first space ship !!!!!!!! Flimed 1993.on you tube.excavating canvey V2 bomb. Documentary. And transfer to canvey dutch cottage. Have wonderful memories. Investigation this nasty bomb. And how lucky it did not hit canvey high street!!!!. Just damaged a barn and fields. Only worrying time was if the 1ton war head had not gone off!!. As we did not no if still on site!! Luckily we found bomb crater. Some research years later.300 yds away from main rocket body parts!!!!!!!. This was very interesting for me as I have not done dug up a German v2 rocket before. As were 47ft high 13 metric tons in weight. And travelling 3,ooo miles and hour.coming back to earth 1,800 miles per hour!!!! After going 60miles high from holland. And took 3half minutes from Holland. Over to target 42 that was waterloo rail station!!!! This canvey rocket failed in flight. Or London wouldn’t had a street any more of houses. If it had made it. Can not believe I started this project in 1992.then dug it 1993.!!!

    By Gary Foulger (04/09/2022)
  • I have added the video to the archive Gary.

    By Janet Penn (04/09/2022)

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