Excavation of the B17 Heavenly Body II

Gary Foulger and friends

Gary Foulger has lent the archive some photos taken in 1978 of him and some of his friends out on the point excavating the B17 bomber that collided over Canvey in 1944 crashing at the point.

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  • Since reading all the B17 articles on this site i have come to realize that some of the what i thought were helicopter parts on the point back in the late 70’s were actually B17 parts, that would of been amazing to know back when i was a kid. growing up we were told don’t go to the point at night as there is the ghost of an RAF Airman who is looking for his crew and Lancaster Bomber, scared us to death story must of originated from the B17 crash and been changed over the years.

    By Robert Page (18/09/2020)

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