Alan & Ann Aldridge with a local councillor and his wife

Lifeguards c1960's

This is a picture found in the scrapbook the Archive were given by M ‘Copper’ Hastings who was Secretary of the Club when Chas Carey became President. On the back it says Alan and Ann Aldridge (Alan was Chairman in 1974-5) and Councillor ? and his wife. It is obviously at a black tie function but where and when can anyone tell us or who the Councillor was?

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  • At one Carnival with the men dressed as ballerinas were called out by the coastguard for a rescue and in another were in full evening dress. Incidentally the incident re the Lifeguards in evening dress was linked with the picture of Allan Aldridge and his wife unknown Councillor and his wife as I believe it happened after our Annual Dinner. I know it was very late when two fisherman went missing off of Leigh Beck. They had been missing well after midnight and the call out crew were contacted, Allan was one of the crew and I think Peter Waghorn was the other, or maybe Len Dow, it was a clear frosty night when the search began and the men were found about 2 a.m. covered in frost and very, very cold (No lights -they were very very lucky). To my shame I cannot remember the Councillor’s name, I believe he was the Leader of the Council and lived at Kitkatts Rd/Drive.

    By 'Copper' Hasting (11/06/2009)
  • Is Allan Aldridge on the left of the picture

    By joan liddiard (03/03/2010)

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