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John Buckmaster
John Buckmaster
John Buckmaster
John Buckmaster
John Buckmaster

John Buckmaster has kindly sent in these Football scans and hopfully we can add some details of their background. On one we can see a Coach with a “Canvey District Football Club” sign in the front window. John believes they are dated around the 1960’s.

Can anyone please add any information including the years, the people, the teams etc. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page or email us at the website.

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  • Please can any one help I am trying to find Andrew Ball he lived on Canvey and I believe has recently moved abroad he lived in Pine Close when we were kids and I love to find him.

    By dawn wallace (10/03/2009)
  • Hi
    The 2nd picture is canvey and district boys they had just come back from Holland, winning an international tournament, the manager on the right hand side was William Prince senior.

    The team photo (3rd picture) names that i can rememeber, (starting top left)
    1)Jonny Farthing
    2)Trevor Evans
    3)Micky Terry
    4)Doug Brown
    5)Peter Clark
    6)Dave Cunningham
    7)Micky Cripps
    8)Dennis Smith (i think)
    9) not to sure
    10) not to sure
    11)Dave Greenwood

    if you have any other photos of the old teams please let me know through my sons email

    many thanks

    Bill Prince

    By Billy Prince (11/12/2009)
  • Bill,number ten in the third photo was Clive Brockes. I’ve got some photos of some of the old canvey teams.If you read this Dave I can now let you have the names to go with the second lot of photos I sent you,and some from the first lot.

    By John Buckmaster (03/01/2010)
  • The top photo could have been canvey athletic and the person front left was robert douglas hoad and i think front right was micky cripps

    By darryl hoad (12/03/2010)
  • Hi. The three people in the front row of the 1st picture was indeed Bobby Hoad, My grandad Fredrick (Nip) Cripps & My Dad Micheal (Mick) Cripps. The lady in the bottom picture is Doreen Hoad.

    By David Cripps (15/05/2010)
  • Hi, 3rd picture, boys team. No 9 is Peter Bouchereau younger brother of Dave (Bos) Bouchereau.No 10 is Clive Brockes. As I remember Dave Cunningham went onto West Ham and played for the A side and then Ilford. Although a Canvey side 5 of that team came from Benfleet.Although I never played agains’t this side as I was playing in the Southed District league then, this was probably the best junior side in the area at the time.

    By Bev Hadland (26/05/2010)
  • I have a photo of the canvey football team c 1920’s where should I post it on line

    By george chambers (19/02/2013)
  • Either upload it here and we will publish it for you or email it to me and i will do it for you George

    By Janet Penn (19/02/2013)
  • I played for the Canvey District Boys Club around 1955-1958 when Sonny Heskith was managing the team. Fond memories of travelling to White Hart Lane, 12 guys in a Taxi!! Sonny had links with Spurs. Played with such guys as Sid Wolfe, Clive Brocks, Arthur Shave etc.

    By David Thomas (13/05/2013)
  • Second photo, underneath the sign is Denis Smith (my dad), he says that was when Canvey had a proper football team

    By Dean Smith (12/04/2020)
  • The top picture is Canvey Athletic annual dinner & dance for the 1969/70 season. Geoff Crane is centre middle with Billy O’Neill to his left with Dennis Wiffen sitting on Billie’s lap. Also included in the picture are Brian Smith (sadly deceased) and BillyEllis. I had just heard that Micky Cripps had recently passed away and was looking for information about Micky when I came across this sight. Thanks for the happy memories of Canvey Athletic who I payed for from !969 until 1983

    By Dennis wiffen (10/10/2021)

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