Linden Sports Club 1st Awards Night

Monday 8th October 1962

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  • So nice to spot my Uncle Frank, Tottenham Hotspur Footballer, giving the awards at this event. He is 75 now and is wearing remarkably well still slim and handsome.

    On the day of the Wembley Cup final the year Spurs won the double my Mother was in Berkshire with her two children under 5, so desperate to see the match she put us both in the back of her mini van doors locked handbreak pulled very tight with a tea set snacks and every toy you could think of.

    She was rewarded when her young brother scored one of the winning goals. Nana Saul, his Mum of 21 The Avenue Canvey Island, always talked of the Wembley Crowd singing All Things Bright and Beautiful the Lord God made Frank Saul. What a day for the Family I can imagine the thrill but I did not know much about it as I was stuck in the back of a mini van!

    Mum said it took her the rest of the afternoon to clear up the mess Chocolate biscuits everywhere. How awful to lock your children up while you watch a football match!

    Thank you Eddie .

    By Jane Parkin (16/02/2018)
  • Hello I was 4th from the left front row. It dos not seem all that long ago, but 50 + years what do you say. I miss my youth. My Mum was treasurer for the Linden Sports Club. I miss the lads that I had grown up with. I left Canvey in 1964 for Australia. I have been back many times. As you get older your thoughts go back to you youth, I wish I had never left.

    Regards Terry Rayner


    By Terry Rayner (20/06/2019)
  • the tall man at the back in the middle is was my uncle Noddy Carver

    By Garey Howard (25/06/2019)
  • Hi,

    I remember this picture and the club. I was sitting at the front on the right facing you. My dad was the trainer Bert Brown and my brother Jimmy is also in the back row.

    Good to see old faces and friends.

    Terry Brown

    By Reverend Terry Brown (30/07/2019)
  • Phew, this brings back great memories. I remember the Linden Sports Club being set up by Billy Hesketh (Sonny’s brother) and Jack Watts who lived in Linden Way – hence the name. Billy was an ex RSM and he put us through PE exercises at every gathering, then we moved onto other things. We had two football teams if I remember correctly but never won any leaque. Billy and Jack also registered us with the NABC (national association of boys clubs) and used that platform to get us involved in non sport things like art – the boys entered a national competition and some of won certificates. I also remember that Billy got us all to walk from Canvey to Grange Farm, Chigwell Nr Epping, which was a disused wartime airforce base with oval top nissan huts in which we slept, It was an ‘endurance walk’ and seemed a good idea but we got lost and arrived at about 10pm at night having walked a very long route, pulling an old builders barrow with all out gear and food for the weekend. We then walked back the next day but all got a bronze medal for that at the awards night. Happy days!
    Back to the Awards Night, which I remember well and which started with a PE demonstration. I am the little guy in the vest on the left, third row – the only kid not looking at the camera!
    My sports award that night was for’ best cross country runner in the Club’ for which I received a silver medal from Frank Saul – a nice man. I remember you Terry Brown and your brother Jimmy (standing at the back) and of course your dad. Terry Rayner, you were Club Captain if I recall correctly – I think you lived at the end of Elm Road next to the school playing field? A few others I recognise are Dave Wellman, John Hines, Peter Mitchell (I think), Kevin Best (bottom front – left), Brian Killingrey, Ronnie Watts – plus a few others who’s names escape me. Yes, they were really good days. I moved from Canvey when I was 14 so I don’t know how long the Club survived but if any other club members can add to the story that would be great.

    By Pete Raven (23/12/2020)

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