No.4 Branch O. A. P. Club Village Hall 1954

Album of photos kept of outings and special days by the late Ernie Cox

Barbara Everett’s grandfather Ernie Cox was a leading member of the OAP club which was founded by E A Burles in 1954 and held in the Village Hall, Canvey.

Ernie kept an album of some of the outings and events of the club which Ernie’s granddaughter Barbara has kindly lent us.

Can anyone recognise grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone in these pictures. Please let us know.


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  • Great Pictures. Is Ernie Cox anything to do with the Cox Hotel at Leigh Beck? Where was the “Village Hall”? It says Canvey Road, perhaps opposite St Katherines Church where the School was?

    By David Bullock (11/07/2008)
  • The Village Hall was as you so rightly guessed Dave, opposite St Katherine’s. There is a road there called Village Hall Close.

    By Janet Penn (17/07/2008)
  • 8/03/2009
    Browsing your site, looked at the OAP Club photos and saw my late, much loved grandmother in most of them. Second row,third picture.Looking at the picture – the lady standing to the left of the woman in the wheelchair, with a light short coat, over a lighter dress. I remember that dress, it was pale blue. She was Mrs. Sarah Ada Noble, known as Ada. She lived at 12 Ellesmere Road, Canvey village. Moved in when the bungalow was built, (circ. 1930) with her husband Albert, and stayed until she died in 1970.
    I remember Gran going to the OAP club in the old village hall, it was held on a Friday. I was 6 in 1954 and was in the 2nd Canvey Girls’ Brigade as a cadet. After school, Long Road Infants, I used to walk to the hall to see my Gran before Girls’ Brigade started. She used to help organise the refreshments, I used to go into the kitchen where she would always have a little cake waiting for me. She used to stay with me until Mrs.Jesse Cass, 2nd Canvey Captain arrived. She was an amazing woman, great organiser and well liked. She is buried in St Kathrines cemetery, along with a great number of my relatives.

    Jacqui Smith
    Western Australia

    By Jacqui Smith (08/03/2009)
  • Thanks for your comments Jacqui – I noticed the email address you registered with isn’t working so you may wish to check it – Dave

    By David Bullock (08/03/2009)
  • The chap with dark glass and his wife lived in 8 .Downham road next door to us ,a wonderful couple , Fred and Vi PARISH she played Bingo in the 50’s so I always had lovely birthday presents from them , and a cuckoo clock when I married

    By Margaret (27/10/2013)

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