1 - Olympic Judo Club

Cliff Baker-Brown started the Olympic Judo Club in 1965 at the Redcross Hall in Larup ave then it moved to the War memorial hall around 1968/9 there  until 1975 when the club moved to Waterside sports centre .

Over the years training with Cliff I became Essex Champion, Southern Area Champion,  and Great Britain  Champion, I become a black belt when I was 15 years old, back then the youngest in the UK. We travelled abroad to France, Sweden, and South Africa I finished judo when I was 21.

Thanks Cliff.

1970ish around the table on the right is Steven Baker Brown, Michael Lay, Peter Bedford. The fighter on the left is Michael's brother Tony.
Michael Lay

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  • The forth person around the table is Geoff Wall from Thundersley, another Olympic club member, he is the one that organised the trip to South Africa.

    By Michael (22/09/2022)
  • Hi Michael, great club. Thursday evenings in the War Memorial Hall 1973. The Club moved to Smallgains (Cricket) Pavillion for a short time and used new style Matts. More solid and covered in Green Plastic. I suffered terrible Canvas Burns on the balls on my feet and Heels performing Anckle Sweeps! Took days to recover. Then club moved to Twekes (Rugby Club) Hall. Much smaller, I was a victim of a Garry Manners speciality, Tomanagi, ended up in the air and landed in the adjacent room! Not deterred, I managed to survive and enjoy moving to Waterside Farm Sports Centre a far better facility before focusing on Football. I thank you for your encouragement and advice during those times together with Kevin Smiths. Regards Kevin

    By Kevin Tansey (22/09/2022)

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