The Ghost Train

'Pompadour' triumph

More great clippings and photo’s from Dudley George’s collection. This time of the Pompadours at Long Road Primary School with their presentation of ‘The Ghost Train’.

The Cast of ‘The Ghost Train’

‘Pompadour’ triumph

“The Ghost Train” is not an easy play to present due to the fact that the action is confined to one room—and not an inspiring one at that—a station waiting room. But it did not provide any terrors for “The Pompadour Players” who successfully presented the play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Long Road Primary School.

Rupert Ives as Richard Winthrop, Pat Ives as Elsie Winthrop, Ken MacQuarie (Charles Murdock), Iris Debnam (Peggy Murdock), Maye George (Miss Bourne) and Frank Daley (Teddie Deakin) fitted the ports of stranded travellers at Fal Vale station to perfection. Strong support was given by Henry H. Harrison as Saul Hodgkin, the Station-master, Julia as Julia Price and Dudley H. George, as her brother Herbert Price. Walter Martin as John Stirling, Gilbert Light as Jackson and Reg. Gooch as Smith were very convincing.

Scene from ‘The Ghost Train’

Scenery and effects were created by members of the company and operated by Ronald Debnam, Gilbert Light and Reg. Gooch. Walter Martin was stage manager. The play was co-produced by Julia and Henry H. Harrison.

The players are to be congratulated on adding yet a further laurel to their crown of success. The plays that they have so skilfully and successfully presented on the Island during the year have been a great asset to the Island’s social and cultural life and it is to be hoped that next year more plays may be seen from this company.

Scene from ‘The Ghost Train’

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  • When I was about 15 years of age and because the word “Ghost” was in the title, I was able to go to the “good old Rio cinema” to see the production of “The Ghost Train” by the Pompadour Players. That was about 64 years ago now, but my best memory of that play was the very realistic train whistle which was eerily sounding as the “Ghost Train” raced through, supposedly, without stopping at the station.!!  I’m sure that I must have enjoyed this very difficult production.

    By Gerald Hudson (13/10/2014)

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