My Passion for Boat Building 1999 to 2012

Final Part

Steam Launch Wide A Wake

Scale model of open Steam Launch Wide A Wake again built with reclaimed Mahogany, engine machined from set of castings (over 200 separate machined parts).

Boiler & Gas Tank Scratch built, all boilers and gas tanks have to be pressure tested to twice their working presure of 60 psi and issued with a test certificate.

This is a large model 51” long 15” beam & weighs 45lbs.scale 2” to 1 foot,  this model took over 2500 hours to build.

Link to video of complete build lod of Wide A Wake

Steam Launch Ruby

I built the next model for a model Steam enthusiast in Denmark, 32” long Steam  Launch Ruby. powered  by V twin oscillating steam engine with cross tube Boiler.

Ruby’s fist test run in my 8 foot diameter paddling pool.

I am currently building a 24th scale model of the 1909 Yarmouth Steam Drifter Resolute, the largest model I have built nearly 5ft long and will weigh about 55lbs, I have built the engine & boiler, the boat now is nearing completion..

Now in my 80th year I have been very fortunate health wise and spend many hours in my workshop, my passion for building has not changed over the years and I still get immense enjoyment from this hobby.

I hope the younger generation will read these articles and perhaps take up this hobby, I can assure you once started you will be bitten by the bug, you do not have to spend a fortune, Commercially produced ready to run models can be bought for under £150.00 easy to build kits from cabin cruisers to warships complete with electric motor and Radio Control equipment are available for under £100.00.

If anyone would like to see my models or seek advice I would be only to pleased to help, email

Mike Brown

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  • You have certainly created a master piece. Functional to boot. I have recently retired and built a new workshop for such hobbies. Steam has always facinated me also as I have worked with boilers for a while. I wonder how much a project like that would cost?

    By Charles Wesley (13/05/2013)
  • Hello Charles, If you intend to build your own engine & boiler you will save a considerable amount of money, the Stuart engine in Wide A Wake can only be purchased as a set of castings which cost about £300.00 there are over 200 separate parts to machine, no material is supplied for the reverse Gear. A custom boiler would be in excess of a £1000.00, the only fitting I purchased was the pressure gauge as I make all my own fittings Condenser, burner & gas tank, the total cost of materials for the completed Wide A Wake was £628.00. I have been offered £5000.00 for this boat which I turned down as I am leaving it to my Son. As you have some experience in boiler making, you should have no problem in building your own. If you would like to see some of my boats you are very welcome and if I can be of any help do not hesitate to ask. Regards Mike

    By Mike Brown (13/05/2013)

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