Force Five

sent in by Ann Henriques (nee van Schagen)

Force Five
Ann Henriques

This picture was sent in by Ann Henriques (nee van Schagen) of Force Five and the girl in the picture is her sister.

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  • I used to watch t.v with Arthur and Mildred who were the parents of Bert Pelham. Bert asked me if I wanted to earn a few ‘bob’.. he was having a new house built around the corner of his parents house. It would involve clearing bricks, dust, and builders rubble from inside the incomplete walls. Really hard work for most of Saturday.bert used to drive a big yank. But I particularly remember his dodge charger. Wow, on Canvey as well. Bert… you never paid me!!!! Best regards Peter bank acc number to follow.

    By peter bligh (29/05/2014)
  • I was a guitarist in a local band “The Noughts & Crosses” Ann who sent in this picture was a girlfriend around 1964. Would like to get in touch if anyone can help?

    By john Bynorth (09/12/2016)
  • I was also a guitarist in the noughts & crosses in the 1960’s along with  john bynorth tony dubridge jimmy fog & Dennis ????  I have a few pics of us that I will post later.  Nice to hear your name.  Gordon Rudd

    By Gordon Rudd (11/12/2016)
  • Gordon! Well I never!! Nice to hear your name too. Love to see those pictures mate. E-mail me if you can or Facebook 🙂

    By john Bynorth (12/12/2016)
  • Hi, What is also interesting about this great photo of Force Five is the shop front where the picture is taken. The resurgence of sales of vinyl rcords got me thinking about where we bought our 45s in the 60s and this shop immediately came to mind but I couldn’t remember the name. It was a fairly new build between Lewins butchers and the rear of the original Barclays Bank at Lakeside Corner. (I was going to say the ‘rear of Renee’s’ which it was at the time but that didn’t sound quite right!) I think I’m right that it was owned by the Bagloe brothers (not sure of spelling) who had moved from a smaller shop in Alterman’s Arcade where I bought my first 45, Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock (still got it somewhere) I’m not absolutely certain whether Ullmans and Tower Radio sold records, others might have a clearer recollectiom of this. Of course you could always get a cheaper and sometimes passable cover version of Top Twenty hits on Embassy records from Woolworths.

    By Graham Stevens (12/12/2016)
  • Wow, I was only speaking about this picture with someone on Facebook today, and here it is!!! My dad, Ron Gent…iv never seen this picture before! 

    By Justin Gent (30/10/2017)
  • I’ve only just come across this x I’m Bert Pulhams daughter unfortunately I wont be able to show my dad as he recently passed away on the 1st of march which is a shame because he loved seeing things about the band but I do have some of the songs and his music also his guitar to remind me of him xx 

    By dawn pulham (18/04/2019)
  • While sorting through old photo negatives left by my father, I came across some strips labelled “The Whirlwinds” from 1964… the former name of “Force Five”. I don’t see how to add any of them here, but one can be seen at, and I could provide a few more if there was interest… particularly from any of the band members of their families.

    By Graham Rousell (24/09/2020)
  • You can add them here Graham
    We would love to see them.

    By Janet Penn (25/09/2020)

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