The Essex Five

A local band from yesteryear

L-R Tom Nichols, John Webb, Lew Mint, Keith Bonsor & John Martin on drums
Rod Bishop
L-R Keith Bonsor, John Martin, Lew Mint, Tom Nichols & John Webb
Rod Bishop

Do you remember The Essex Five, formed in the sixties and consisted of five Canvey boys, Lew Mint (singer), Keith Bonsor, Tom Nichols & John Webb on guitars plus John Martin on drums who later played with Dr.Feelgood.

Incidentally they played at my wedding in 1965 to Aileen Ouchterlonie.

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  • Hi Rodney, I was born on Canvey and lived down Clarendon rd, and remember your lovely Mum (Nora?) and Dad (Bill) running their greengrocers. I was friends at school with a Kay Ouchterlonie, any relation to your wife? Best wishes , Irene

    By Irene Mercer nee Brand (05/02/2013)
  • Can anyone tell me whether Keith Bonsor is related to Ernie Bonsor or whether Lew Mint is related to Ray Mint?? These are two surnames that I remember from my childhood on Canvey.

    By Gerald Hudson (06/02/2013)
  • Keith Bonsor is the son of Ernie

    By Janet Penn (06/02/2013)
  • Hello. I went to school with Lew Mint and I think he might be Ray’s son. Rergards Sparrow

    By sparrow (06/02/2013)
  • Thanks Janet and Sparrow for your quick response to my enquiries This great Archival web site has been a real “memory trip” for me. Although it is “fading”, I recall that Ernie Bonsor was a very handsome fellow who was still remembered at the schools on Canvey when I started to attend them in the early 40’s. I believe he was a pilot and was severely injured in the crash of a “Spitfire”??? Ray Mint was the classmate in the mid 1940’s and who tried to show me how to milk a cow at Cooks Farm where he worked each day before school.

    By Gerald Hudson (06/02/2013)
  • Hi. I am Lew Mint youngest daughter……Ray was his brother who unfortunately passed away about 25 years ago now. Lew (dad) is still on canvey ??

    By Hayley (18/06/2016)
  • I was sorry to hear about Ray Mint’s passing, he could only have been in his early 60’s??  I made a comment about Ray in my page in the history section, as I had sat next to him at Long Road school. He was quite well built as I remember, and had a great sense of humour which was very evident when on one occasion, I met him one morning to see him milk cows at the Cook Farm before school!! Lots of fun, but hard work.We would arrive at school, smelling like the farm I’m sure.

    I was never able to establish as to whether another fellow, whom I only knew from stories by others early in the 1940’s, was the Ernie  Bonsor, badly injured in a Spitfire crash??  Anyway, both names were part of my boyhood memories ranging from1941 to 1953.


    By Gerald Hudson (19/06/2016)

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