The Silver Buttons

Rock group 1960's

Practising at the school
From a newspaper article about the band.

I was one of the members of the band formed in the 1960’s along with Nick Arthurs (singer), Spud Edwards (drummer), Pete Simpson (Bass Guitar), Mel Vickers (Lead guitar) and myself, Mike Goodall (rhythm guitar). Would love to hear from any of the members if they should see this.

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  • Hello Mike, what a blast from the past. Remember me? I was associated with the Silver Buttons. I am still in contact with Mel Vickers and Spud (Edwards, not Murphy). Some time after you left, the band became IT and largely did Who and Motown covers. Nick subsequently left to be replaced with Mick Becker as vocalist and with the addition of keyboards and later a brass section the band renamed The Central Heating Big Band. I am also in touch with Mick and with Frank , an erstwhile sax player with Central Heating. In the latter years of the band, Mel gave up guitar and began playing sax. In fact, he is still gigging around Clacton in a very accomplished motown covers combo. Spud still keps his hand in on drums, but last time we spoke, he had no regular band. Pete (bass player) we don’t know the whereabouts of. Sadly, Nick was killed in a road accident in the 70’s in Cambridgeshire. Somewhere, I have a copy of a photo of Nick, spud and Mel jamming with John Wilkinson, as was (now Wilko Johnson) and Terry Hounsom, then bass player with the Heap, at Leigh Beck School. I’ll dig it out and post it for you. Is that Rodney Blowers, warden of the Youth Club, in the press shot? I’d love to read the article. I understand you have more photos, I look forward to seeing them.

    I’ll make sure Mel and Spud, at least, get to see your post, I’m hoping to see them and others in July when I and two other friend from the music scene at the youth club (and before) have arranged a visit to Essex.


    By Tony Maguire (28/05/2015)
  • Hello Mike, crikey, I thought it was just me who remembered those early days of popular music on the mud! I remember your black Bedford Dormaville van with the sliding doors that was used to cart our stuff about. Pete Simpson was the bass player and his elder brother used to manage us for a while. I am still in contact with the band and have many great memories of our days.

    By Spud Edwards (31/05/2015)
  • Hi folks, I’ve been ages trying to trace anyone who knew about the band! Now two in two days. Firstly apologies for getting your surname wrong Spud; great to hear from you. Are you on Facebook, if you look for Mike Goodall and a pic of an old geezer sitting at a computer with filmstrip sprockets top and bottom that’s me; pic of Ricky 330 at the top of the page. Easier to chat on there. I never did any playing professionally again as had three sons, now all in the 40-50 years bracket. We moved to Cambridge in 72 and must have been close to Nick without knowing, trace him via Ancestry which showed he died in June 78. Glad you’re still playing the drums, I still occasionally have a thrash on guitar in the garage now. I have a few more now, about 18, some vintage, and still have the white Watkins Circuit 4 as in the pic, but had to have it refinished as the cellulose finish cracked all over. Hope we can chat on Facebook if you have it. Mike.

    By Mike Goodall (31/05/2015)
  • Tony, thanks for all the info. I remember your name and found you on Facebook along with Mel, friend requests sent of course. Were you in the other Canvey band? Nice to know it carried on when I left, I can’t remember exactly why I left, please fill me in if you do, but must have been just after I got married and wife expecting our first child. Looking for the article in the newspaper and will scan and send it over via Facebook. Will try and edit any mistakes on the pages here later. Guess there are no recordings of the band in any of their names now; and too early for Youtube I guess? Chat via Facebook, be easier. Mike.

    By Mike Goodall (31/05/2015)
  • great to hear from you mike brings back some great, I allways said when I packed up playing in the 70’s that I would pick up the sax again one day and here I am back on the road gigging 2-3 times a week, having a great time ‘sax and the voice’ was great on my 60th birthday to have a few of the lads spud, micky and den morris join me on stage with a great soul band, first time in 40 years the spud joined me at a jam at the haystack couple of years later, was great, strange feeling having played there every week as central heating 40 years ago. 

    By mel vickers (01/06/2015)
  • Hi Mike (you won’t remember me) and hello Tony and Spud. I’m the proud owner of a 1968 EP by the Central Heating Big Band (I Need You; Sock it to ’em JB; Open up the Door to your Heart; House Party), so yes, there is at least one recording, in the final incarnation!

    By Steve Taylor (02/06/2015)
  • Hi Steve, the lads have been telling me about the band after I left. Was this a demo or a main release? Would certainly like to hear it if only on an mp3 file if that’s possible. If so can you post a link to it.
    As far as I know there is no recording of the Silver Buttons still existing that I know of. I had a faint recollection of one being made at the school at rehearsals on my old reel-to-reel tape recorder but can’t trace it. Many thanks. Mike.

    By Mike Goodall (05/06/2015)
  • Hi Steve, great that you have a recording of CHBB, I’ve never heard them play. Is there a change you could put it on YouTube or make an mp3 of it. Mel and Tony have my details, email, Facebook, etc. (Sent a comment a week ago but didn’t seem to get through on here).

    By Mike Goodall (12/06/2015)
  • Just came across this bit about the Silver Buttons and it brought back a pile of memories.

    The band I was in at the time was The Trolls and we shared the bill with the Buttons at the Casino back in the 60s along with a dance act. We played quite a bit around Canvey… the Island Yacht Club and youth clubs and even made it to the Southend Odeon.

    I eventually moved to Canada, formed another band and made it to the top of the Canadian and USA charts with few releases.

    Love to hear from anyone else who remembers these times, and if anyone remembers the name of the band that played outside the Lobster Smack and had a left handed guitarist.


    Paul Andrew Smith

    By Paul Smith (05/01/2016)
  • I only just came across this page and thought I would add my twopennyworth. I have a picture of the band in later years complete with brass section which I will post when I can find it! Good to see old faces even though they were a lot younger then but weren’t we all!

    By Mike Booth (04/05/2016)
  • Hi Mike, hope you find the photos of The Central Heating Big Band, I, for one, would be delighted to see them and see the line up. Mick Becker, Mel Vickers, Spud Edwards, Frank Willis, Steve Taylor, Malc Wilkinson and myself have reconnected in recent years, beginning a few years ago with Mel’s 60th. I know Mel had hoped to track you down. I attempted to find  Johnny Plunkett only to discover that, tragically, he died back in the late 90’s. My facebook page includes some photos of our recent meetings. Hope you are well.

    Tony Maguire

    By Tony Maguire (08/05/2016)
  • Hi Mike Booth; apologies just seen this. I would love to see a pic of CHBB if you can find it. 

    And Hi to Paul from the Trolls, yes I remember the name but the memory doesn’t stretch to remembering the members. If you have any pics I would love to see them, my email is

    By Mike Goodall (05/10/2016)
  • I have posted a photo of Central Heating on a new page.

    (Ed. I will put in a link later)

    By Tony Maguire (08/10/2016)

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