Egen Electric Staff Dinner

Staff members at a dinner in the canteen

Egen Managers and Supervisors at a Dinner in the Staff canteen, with Brian Lawrence in the centre of the front row. Can any more names be added to this photograph ?

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  • I used to work in the personnel office at Egens from 1963 till 1975 and I am sure the lady next to Brian is Dorothy Hendry??? I also know the man facing the camera with arms crossed but am still trying to remember his name.

    By maureen hart nee rodman (22/11/2012)
  • I have remembered that his name is Mr Angus, not sure but might have been Len???

    By maureen hart nee rodman (23/11/2012)
  • I have more names to add to this picture, supplied to me by Valerie Blackwell (nee Taylor): Betty Woodcock, Dorothy Hendry, Graham Keith, Stan Walsco, Francis ? ,Grace Browning, Steve Pettit, Kathy Churchward, Paul Harding, John Hurchfield, Lily Hazelton, Fred Holland, Betty Hayes, Dorthy Varney, Kit ? & Maude Gibbons. (Not in order of position in photo)

    By Rod Bishop (02/03/2013)
  • I use to work in the workshop with Steve Pettit ,Fred Holland ,Tony Preston, John Seals,and Bill Robbins,from 1959 untill 1966.I left to work for BOWMAN CONTROLS.who Iworked for from 1966 until 1999. I am still in contact with Doug Francis who also worked at EGANS and went on to work at BOWMAN CONTROLS . I think I maybe in the above photo my name is Dennis Thomas.

    By Dennis Thomas (05/12/2013)
  • I worked at Eagens in 1960-1961 and remember John Seals and John Alterman. Also working there then was Joe Overs’ brother. He may be the chap on the extreme right but not sure.

    By sparrow (05/12/2013)
  • Lovely to see some of the ‘old’ faces from Egan Electric.I worked there 3 times over the years, My mum worked there for 26 years until she retired. While searching through her large collection of photos after she died in 2012, I found many from her working time at Egan’s and I have a lovely one of Mr Angus.

    Mum first worked for E.K.Cole (Southend) when she was a teenager, back then it was seasonal work and her other job was in ‘Chapples’  at Lakeside Corner.

    When Mum first worked at Egan’s I remember that a couple of weeks she wasn’t fit enough for work so the firm sent her some homework round so that she wouldn’t be down on her wages.

    I also remember that one year the parent company hired a train and sent all the staff of E.K Cole and Egan’s up to London to see the Ice Show ‘Rosemarie’. everyone was supplied with a ‘Supperbox’ to enjoy as and when they felt hungry and a good time was had by all.

    Those were the days!

    By Val Court (12/10/2014)
  • I worked at Carta Mundi at back of Charfleets, used to walk past Camping and General (the business that’s at Egen now) how long has current business been there for?

    By Seamus (12/09/2018)

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