Baby and Toddler Show

Approx. 1967/68

I think this was at the Catholic School or Church grounds?

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  • Hmm, the round window should give a good clue? What a great picture – love the lady in the shades – so sixties!

    By David Bullock (26/03/2010)
  • The lady in the shades is my aunt! Anita Juler.

    By Lisa Hope (26/03/2010)
  • Excellent Lisa – can you name anyone else?

    By David Bullock (26/03/2010)
  • No I don’t David, but I will ask my aunt to see if she does.

    By Lisa Hope (06/04/2010)
  • The round window is a dead givaway! Its at the rear of Canvey County Infant School (Long Road School) … The houses behind with the very pointy roofs were (are?) in Barbara Ave. I Think the Lady with the dark Curly Hair is Eileen St. Pierre and the baby is Monique …. my first proper girlfriend!

    By Richard Lincoln (15/08/2010)
  • The lovely lady second from the left in the back row is my Aunt Daphne Barrow and her baby daughter Alison

    By Jan Watts (12/07/2020)
  • That’s me on the right Mark Thomas and my Mum Shirley Thomas formerly Hollingbery

    By Mark Thomas (28/03/2022)
  • My sister Shirley Thomas with my nephew Mark Thomas. He is the little boy at front with white shorts on and no top.

    By Sandra Curtis (28/03/2022)

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