Canvey Football Photo

by John Buckmaster

Football Team

Here’s another football photo for you with some names.

Back row:

Sonny Hesketh . ? . Frank Saul . Ronnie Bird . Arthur Shave . Brain Hope ? Albert Kerly . Might be George Picket . Billy King.


Dennis Smith. Clive Brockes. ? Ron Horseman. Sid Wolfe.


? Smith. ?. Brian Collins. ?. Cyril Wolfe .?.


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  • Three more names

    Next to Brian Hope: Doug Brown.

    Next to Albert Kerly: Gerald Carter.

    Next to Clive Brockes: Dave Hicks.

    By John Buckmaster (10/03/2010)
  • The man standing next to Sonny Heskith is my dad, Bert Shepherd. I am in front row between Collins and Wolfe. We immigrated to Canada in 1957 where my dad started a kids football team in Georgetown Ontario. I played for several clubs in the Toronto area.
    Barry Shepherd

    By Barry Shepherd (07/03/2022)

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