Casino Horses - Your Photos

Please keep sending them in!

Thanks to Julieanne Savage and Mark for sending these Photos in. If you have any photos of the Casino Horses please send them in so we can add them here!

Julieanne Savage
Angel Horse
Mark aka luns spluctrum
Mark aka luns spluctrum
Mark aka luns spluctrum

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  • Fantastic

    By Janet Penn (06/02/2010)
  • Were the horses really beyond repair and where are they now?

    By cia parker (06/02/2010)
  • I do not know where they are but I understand the white one is destroyed as I think is clear from the video and the other one they are hoping to be able to repair but it will never be the same and will never be ridden on again. If I find out any more I will post a message.

    By Janet Penn (06/02/2010)
  • Speaking to the Swann sisters they say the grey one which was their father Clarrie’s was almost completely destroyed. They have them in safe keeping and are hoping the insurance will pay for restoration – we can all only hope so!

    By David Bullock (06/02/2010)

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