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D.U.K.W. Army amphibious vehicle leaving the Admiral Jellicoe forecourt where they were parked.

These five photos were found, just the other day, by my sister, Jenny Stacey. They were tucked inside a copy of the book ‘The Great Tide’ which had belonged to my dad Aubrey Stevens. They are definitely part of the same set as two I found recently and published on this site. As with those photos they have a number, single word title and ‘return to McCave’ written on the reverse. I have used Fred’s titles and added the location where I can.

Personally, I think the picture of the D.U.K.W is very special, as I’ve never seen a photo of one of these vehicles operating in the Floods before. Some of my mates claim the soldiers gave them rides in them and even went with them when they took them out in the River to be washed out.

Question: What is D.U.K.W an acronym for?

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  • The rather prosaic answer to your question lies in the coding of the General Motors Corporation of USA who produced the vehicle. “D” designated a vehicle designed in 1942 – “U” indicated a utility (in this case amphibious) vehicle – “K” showed it had all wheel drive – and “K” indicated two powered rear axles. I’d like to be able to say I knew that, but really, I looked it up in Wikipedia! Tony Maguire

    By Tony Maguire (02/03/2010)
  • Thanks Tony. Things are never what you expect them to be! Graham

    By Graham (02/03/2010)
  • Is the photographer standing on the seawall the houseboats were attached to?

    By John (11/01/2011)

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