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Rosary & Rosedene, photo's taken 1991

Rosedeane, Concord Rd

Top Picture, house named ‘Rosary’, not sure where this was, does anyone know?
Bottom Picture, House named ‘Rosedene’, Concord Road?

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  • Would the top picture be taken in New Road by any chance?

    By Cia Parker (26/03/2010)
  • i think this is my sisters current house, at the town end of may avenue?

    By natasha vafaee (06/04/2010)
  • If my memory serves me right both bungalows were in the Winter Gardens area and Concorde Road was a grass track road,a right turning as you headed towards Lunns Stores from the village direction? CHURCH PARADE….. Way back in 1947 my family and I lived in a large wooden bungalow that had been built set up on huge corner piers three feet above ground level, Five steps upto our front door and on summer evenings Mum,two sisters and myself would sit on the steps and look out onto endless open fields watching the sunset and we’d chat about ‘our’day. Church Parade incidently in those days also had a grass track road . I also remember the excitement when NEW Road was built by lots of Irish workmen who would joke with us group of youngsters as we made our way to Long Road Junior school. All the Bungalows were ‘well spaced’ from their neighbours and some appeared to be simply ‘dotted’ in fields. A Magical place to have grown up in 1947. ….and then eventually the first Bus service to Winter Gardens commenced….. From then on in bad weather at least we didn’t have to make our way to school across muddy fields! Winter Gardens in those days was an idylic place for children to grow up and give their imagination free rein.

    By Anita Juler (17/10/2011)
  • “Roseary” is still in Tabora Avenue Winter Gardens “Rosedene” was in Concord Road Winter Gardens

    By Tina Reynolds (22/05/2013)
  • I have some letters my grandfather wrote from Rosedean in 1937. He was convalesing there and going to Rochford hospital. He was living there with his 2 sisters who later died in the canvey floods. If any body have any moor information I would love to hear.

    By Peter Wright (29/09/2017)
  • I lived in the Rosery bungalow around 1949 with my parents……
    thanx for the photo
    Robert astell ..

    By bobby (12/03/2020)
  • To Bobby Astell yes I remember you and if you look at Winter Gardens Coronation Party you will see I have identified you in the picture… remember you well…Valerie Deane (nee Jones from Concord Road)

    By Valerie Deane (19/02/2021)
  • The Rosary, in Tabora Avenue was built in 1934 with a two room extension added in 1950. At the time it was built it was owned by Mrs Westaby and at the time of the extension by W. Astell Esq.

    By martin lepley (19/02/2021)
  • I remember Rossington two large fields to get to school. We use to take it in turns to get two buckets of water with the yoke mum bought from a tap in the wall, walk up to the wall where the tap was. And there where no roads just grass. Everywhere was grass at the back of our bungalow were corn fields. We had a outside toilet.We use to walk down the sea wall which was a long way an apple tree was in the forest a crab apple tree. Our Bungalow was made of wood two bedrooms one at each side of living room where the kitchen was. We could walk around the bungalow. Grandfather had different plots of vegetables in the garden. We had the apple trees and a Pear tree. As we came in the gate there where two fir trees on either side. Our bungalow was called Nelthorpe I lived there with my mother two brothers and two sisters also my grandparents it was a tight squeeze but loved every moment of it. That was about 1949 to 1951

    By Eva Joyce Lievesley (23/06/2023)

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